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BULLFROG SNOT LIQUID TRACTION TYRES in a 1 OZ jar! Ideal for locos where tyres are no longer available i.e Airfix / Dapol / Hornby / N scale Lima / Minitrix plus many more or just add to you normal wheels to gain traction. Frequently Asked Questions From Bullfrog Snots web site. What is it? It is a sophisticated, specially secret formulated, room temperature curing, one-part “green” liquid plastic with very unique properties. BULLFROG SNOT was concocted and brewed by a veteran N-scaler specifically to be the ideal solution for improving traction on model railroads, but it can surely apply to numerous other quirky little problems (Monorails, turntables, slot cars, Lego wheels, driveshaft couplings on engines and switch machines, as a DCC insulator, sewing machines, etc.) left to be discovered by your creative fertile imagination. What makes it so great? It is easily applied, and easily removed. Just a toothpick is all youll need to install, an Xacto knife to remove. Its ready to go - no multi-part mixing. No witches brew of acetone, RTV, buffalo glue, snake oil, belt dressing, two-sided tape, shrink tubing, chicken bones, eye of newt, or dilithium crystals No disassembly, no special tools, no surgical skills It cures at room temp in moments. No baking. No nasty fumes. Its benign and friendly Can be thinned with plain ol water, if so desired It’s easy to see your work, and it cures to virtually invisible. It is thin – only .0055 or less when cured Its tough and durable. Has a good service life Leaves no residue on the track, and no gunk in your engine Universal - works for any loco from any manufacturer in any scale How is it installed? Using a toothpick, apply one or two drops to a rotating driver (power the belly-up loco). BULLFROG SNOT forms a thin, very grippy plastic traction tire, virtually invisible after it cures. Apply just enough to evenly cover the surface with a thin coat. Too much makes a mess. Allow the wheels to continue to turn as you watch BULLFROG SNOT cure, let the laws of physics create a nice round tire, until the color is gone – maybe 10 minutes or so. Then let it fully cure overnight, or at least several hours. Dont rush it, let BULLFROG SNOT do its thing. Patience has its reward. Which wheels to apply BULLFROG SNOT? Most engines dramatically improve with one axle (two wheels) SNOTd. Shelf queen steamers come to new life. BULLFROG SNOT improves any engine, even good pullers. Optimum placement and locations vary, so experiment! There is a sweet spot that we must discover, and what doesnt work out is easily undone. You get a perfect traction tire, or tires. Each application will be unique. Share your experiences. But, alas, there will just always be some engines BULLFROG SNOT cant help. What’s the big deal about BULLFROG SNOT? Rubber O-ring traction tires rot, wobble, and often fail when theres work to be done, and have been an inherent curse on scale railroading since the early days. They are not replaceable for most practical purposes, and they cant be adapted to slippery engines that were not factory equipped. Unless you are a master mechanical magician. Without traction we have toys, with traction we have a model railroad. SNOT = SAND!What about electrical conductivity? Yes, you lose some electrical contact, but most diesels and tender pick-up steamers dont have an issue. If desired, you can trim cured BULLFROG SNOT off the flanges with an Xacto knife for conductivity. Increase the speed and use a ‘lathe’ action. Be patient. BULLFROG SNOT is a valid trade-off for what little juice pick-up was sacrificed. This is the correct balance of product and application. Does it wear out? Yep. Over extended use BULLFROG SNOT will glaze just a bit and the grip diminishes. But you are ready for a happy re-tirement since each jar of BULLFROG SNOT contains 100s of SNOTy scale tires. Just remove with an Xacto knife using a little lathe action, and replace as before. What about existing traction tires? BULLFROG SNOT can be installed over existing traction tires, to improve their grip and to secure them in place. Can it be used to fill the grooves where tires used to be? Yes it can you need to lay on multiple layers until they get to the desired level, and theyre back in business! Anything to watch out for? Keep uncured BULLFROG SNOT from freezing . Subjecting BULLFROG SNOT beyond its natural Mojavinal temp range prior to comfortable curing messes with its proprietary pesudoamphibianal ferroequineprimordialpentagonalpolymeric structure. Freeze it and you get a slimy sillyputty slug in a jar. Heating it, well just dont (you dont want to know). Neither does it any good, something in the riviting DNA. BULLFROG SNOT has a 2-5 year (or more) shelf life when properly stored. Some new locos have factory blackened wheels. BULLFROG SNOT does not like to stick to this stuff, so prep the wheels with a bit of emery paper. Scuffed bare metal likes BULLFROG SNOT.It costs too much! £21.99 is too expensive? Ha! Considering the alternatives BULLFROG SNOT is a bargain!! And will do around 100+ applications = 22p per go! I don’t need any darn BULLFROG SNOT, my engines pull just fine without it! OK, if you say so. But we have found that using BULLFROG SNOT on good pullers makes them more ‘sure-footed’. Use of BULLFROG SNOT is now a regular part of our maintenance and tune-up process. It will change the way you run your trains! But then maybe its SNOT for you ....

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