Dapol B800 Motorised Track Cleaner OO Gauge

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The Dapol B800 OO gauge multi-function DCC READY track cleaner. This unit is the only 4/5 function OO gauge DCC READY track cleaner on the market and features the following functions; 1) Motorised revolving sprung abrasive head for rail surface stubborn dirt! 2) Motorised revolving sprung buffing head for polishing the rail! 3) Rail head foam attachment for cleaning fluid (reservoir on board)! 4) Vacuum cleaner function for dust and dirt removal. 5) Ballast and track brush included Whats more, the unit is DCC ready with an 8 pin DCC socket onboard for independant control of the motor whilst the unit is being hauled by an engine.(Socket can fit UK or USA orientation 8 pin chip)! Also featuring RP25.110 darkened wheel sets with a 14.4mm back to back measurement, NEM coupling pockets with the NEW Dapol NEM compatible coupler fitted, 2 spare abrasive heads and 2 spare polishing heads. This cleaner is probably the best money can buy at a price thats right. Why have dirty track in tunnels and under the wires when this machine will clean ALL those hard to get at places? Please note the word motorised only refers to the functions not the movement of the unit along the rails which needs an engine to haul/push it.

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