DCC Concepts DCD-ASB Cobalt AlphaSwitch-A (For Analogue Devises Pk12) Blue

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DCC Concepts DCD-ASB Cobalt AlphaSwitch-A (For Analogue Devises Pk12) Blue

The “A” Stands for Analog, and this version of Alpha-Switch is designed to work with reversing-DC turnout motors such as Cobalt and Tortoise.

There are three models of Alpha-Switch-A. DCD-ASG (Green LEDs), DCD-ASR (Red LEDs) and DCD-ASB (Blue LEDs).

These switch packs are independent of train driving preferences. They can be used for the control of Accessories on AC, DC or DCC layouts.

The outputs from the Control PCB are N.C. (normally closed or on) so you should use these switch­es for any devices that have power always on when in use.

This includes Original Cobalt, Cobalt Omega and Cobalt iP Analog Turnout motors, Tortoise motors and some low-current European made motor-drive turnout motors.

When a switch is changed the DC output power polarity reverses. Each switch is illuminated and the active route is indicated clearly. Alpha-Switch-A also has “power-off memory” so will remember switch positions between running sessions or after layout power interruptions.

The power rating of each individual output pair is100mA and this must not be exceeded.

Each control PCB requires power from a regulated DC power supply. The permitted voltage range is 9~15v DC to accommodate any possible vari­ances in the voltage that may be needed to power various devices.

As mentioned above these switch packs are available with Green, Red or Blue LEDs that are integrated into the switches. They are super-easy to install as all connections are via fine ribbon wire and simple connectors, meaning that it takes only a moment or two to connect each switch!

Each 2-wire switch pack includes 12 Switches, 12 Harnesses, 12 Mounting Bezels and 1 control PCB plus comprehensive connection instructions.