DCC Concepts DCP-CB1OMG COBALT Omega Slow Action Analogue Point Motor

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DCC Concepts DCP-CB1OMG COBALT Omega Slow Action Analogue Point Motor The DCC Concepts Cobalt Classic W (Omega) is the most powerful and most reliable turnout motor in its class and it is able to be used with all scales, from the diminutive T scale, through to Z, N, TT, HO, OO, EM, P4, S, O & G. Cobalt Classic W is easy to install, quiet and very reliable. It has three inbuilt SPDT switches - One is directly “Diode linked” to the drive power inputs for computer IO (feedback) or other low power applications. The other two SPDT switch- es are fully independent with higher power handling for frog power control or any other switching needs you may have. This makes DCCconcepts Cobalt the most versatile point motor available... and the answer to all layout wiring needs!. Cobalt Classic W is powered by low voltage DC and it is changed by reversing the polarity of the DC power. We recommend that you use a regulated DC power supply between 9 and 12v DC, however we do understand that some systems for larger scales have higher accessory voltage power supplies and that DCC accessory decoders may have higher output voltages, so we’ve added a simple “voltage range change”switch to the Cobalt Classic W. This allows it to accept two power input ranges, 6~12v or 12~18v.

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