ESU 82475 V4 Class A1/A2 Pacific Steam Loco DCC Generic Sound Decoder 8 Pin

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ESU 82475 V4 Class A1/A2 Pacific Steam Loco 8 Pin DCC Generic Sound Decoder with South West Digital sound. (PLEASE NOTE SOUND DECODERS ARE THE RECORDINGS OF THE MENTIONED LOCO(S), YOU MAY NEED TO CHANGE THE SPEAKER TO FIT THE LOCO YOU ARE INSTALLING IT IN, SO PLEASE CHECK FOR AVAILABLE SPACE OR ENQUIRE BEFORE BUYING.) F0 Lights On/Off F1 Sound On/Off (Slot 1) F2 Whistle 1, Playable (Slot 3) F3 Whistle 2 (Slot 16) F4 Air Pump (Slot 6) F5 Shovelling Coal/Aux 1 (Slot 5) F6 Safety Valve (Slot 12) F7 Injectors (Slot 20) F8 Drain Cocks (Slot 14) F9 Coupling (Slot 8) F10 Guards Whistle (Slot 10) F11 Flange (Slot 15) F12 Volume Control, Toggle On/Off F13 Shunt Mode F14 Aux 2 From the ESU Web Site: The LokSound V4.0 recognises DCC, Selectrix® and the Motorola® protocol. It can be operated with 14, 28 or 128 drive steps or on analogue DC layouts in DCC mode.You can assign the decoders to 2-digit, 3-digit (1-127) or 4-digit (1-9999) addresses as well as a consist address. LokSound V4.0 decoders are also able to operate on analogue DC and AC layouts. Constant current of 1.1A continuous current. The LokSound V4.0 works with 8 polyphonic channels, i.e. that the decoder is able to play up to 8 different sounds simultaneously, using the 16-Bit mixer and the nearly noiseless D/A convertor. Function outputs: 4 amplified outputs max. 250mA load for each output

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