Keen Systems CCS4 Close Coupling System (4 pair)

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Keen Systems CCS4 Close Coupling System (4 pair) The Close Coupling System is designed to fit ANY 00 gauge British outline carriage. The system is intended for coupling fixed rakes of carriages buffer to buffer and still go round Hornby radius one curves. Your choice of couplings go at the ends of the train to couple up to the locomotive. The system will also fit some long wheel base wagons, and some European and American stock. Listed here is some of the stock that the Close Coupling System will fit to. It only takes a little imagination. If it is not listed, it does not mean it will not fit, but simply that Keen Systems have not had one tofit it to. HORNBY. LMS, SR, GWR, LNER carriages with the common 57ft underframe, the operating mail coach and both types of clerestory coach. TRI-ANG Pullman DAPOL/AIRFIX Parcels van, LMS corridor and non corridor coaches, GWR Centenary stock and B set. BACHMANN/MAINLINE LMS panelled stock, 50ft full break. BR MkI suburban stock, GWR Collett stock. REPLICA RAILWAYS BR MKI full break, Open 1st, Break composite. Kit Coaches by Ian Kirk, Ratio, Commet. By cutting a section out of the floor and inserting the base plate, it can be fitted to other ready to run and kit built carriages. HORNBY. Pullman, B.R. MkII stock, B.R. MkIV stock, Palethorpes van, A3/A4 Tender. BACHMANN. L.N.E.R. Thompson stock. S.R. Bulleid stock. All steam loco tenders but the drop arm has to be extended. HO American heavyweight stock. REPLICA RAILWAYS. B.R. MkI Restaurant car. LIMA BR MkI, MkII, MkIII stock, L.M.S. GUV, GWR Syphon G, B.R. CCT and GUV, D.M.U. All diesel and electric locomotives except Class 40. DAPOL BR MkIId stock, LMS 12 wheel dining car, GWR Syphons G and H. Class 56 locomotive. JOUEF OO gauge BR MkIII stock. HO gauge Wagon Lits and other European passenger stock. SOUTHERN PRIDE kits and the HORNBY reissued B.R. MkI stock are of very similar construction and require a little more effort to fit the base plate. In both cases the bogie centres are too far apart and ideally need to be moved 1.5mm back from each end. This can be done during installation of the base plate. HORNBY DUBLO / WRENN Pullmans OO Gauge