Milliput MILLSG Silver Grey 4 oz (113.4g) Two Part Model Filler Epoxy Putty

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Milliput MILLSG Standard Silver - Grey 4 oz (113.4g) Two Part Model Filler - Epoxy Putty Ideal for Model Railway Repairs, For The Restoration Of Porcelain Or Ceramics, For The Repair Of Antiques, Objets D'Art, Victorian Dolls, Picture Mouldings Etc. For Sculpting & Modelling, For The Repair Of White Domestic Chinaware & For Filling Scores And Dents In White Domestic Equipment E.G. Washing Machines, Refrigerators Etc. And Don't Forget Model Trains! Milliput is the trade name for the epoxy putty. They produce five grades: Standard Yellow/Grey, Silver Grey, Superfine White, Terracotta, and the latest addition - Milliput Black. Each grade is presented in similar packs containing 2 x 56·7gm. sticks and the general instructions for preparation and usage are the same. The two sticks have a long shelf life but once mixed the resultant putty is at first soft and highly adhesive and then gradually hardens. Speed of hardening is dependant on temperature and at normal temperatures (20-25ºC) Milliput becomes rock hard in three to four hours. By the application of heat the setting time can be reduced to a few minutes. After setting hard Milliput continues to cure and is fully cured after an elapse of time equal to the setting time at the same temperature. Once fully cured Milliput can be machined, drilled, tapped, turned, filed, sawn, sandpapered and painted. Milliput can be sandpapered and painted immediately it has set. (it is advisable to wear eye protection during this process). Milliput is an excellent adhesive and will bond any of the following to itself or to any of the others - wood, brick, cement, metals, concrete, plastics, glass etc, but note that Milliput is not intended as a thin layer adhesive and should not be used where a paste, mucilage or thin glue is indicated. Milliput will set under water and is heat resistant up to 130°C. Shelf Life: We recommend Milliput is stored in cool, dry conditions. Please reseal bags after use. Stored correctly this product should remain workable for about 2 years. Instructions For Use Mix together equal parts of each stick from the pack. Knead and roll in the hands for at least 5 minutes until the colours merge and become uniform and no streaks can be seen, and then mix for another minute. The surfaces to which the putty is applied should be free from grease and dirt. Smooth surfaces should be cleaned with a suitable solvent or with soap and warm water to remove dirt and grease. Abrading the surface will improve adhesion. the putty may now be applied and will set hard in three to four hours without shrinking. Using Milliput for the first Time? If you have never used Milliput before we suggest you make yourself familiar with its behaviour before attempting a repair. Take a small slice, say 1/4", from each part, mix them together for 4-5 minutes and roll into a small ball. flatten it to shape of a coin and observe it over 2 to 3 hours. Note how sticky and adhesive it is when first mixed. After an hour it becomes rubbery and less tacky. In 3-4 hours it becomes quite hard and tack free. Overnight it becomes rock hard. At all stages from initial mixing to final setting Milliput responds to the use of water. To aid manipulation and avoid sticking, fingers and tools should be kept moistened with water. There are certain instances when work may be carried out in a gentle stream of water under a tap. To obtain a smooth finish, mould or apply Milliput and then immediately wipe and smooth gently with wet finger or with a fine textured moist cloth. When tools have been used for applying or contouring Milliput they should be cleaned immediately after use with a wet rag or paper. If the putty is allowed to harden on it will be almost impossible to remove. In the putty state (ie before setting) Milliput, like most chemicals in domestic use, may cause irritation to sensitive skins. When mixing the two components it is advisable to use rubber gloves or throw-away polythene gloves. When rubber gloves have been used wash them immediately after use, and whilst still on the hands, using running water. If the hands have been used for mixing or manipulating Milliput wash them immediately after use with toilet soap and warm water. Milliput should be stored in a cool place. Shelf Life Although Milliput says it has a shelf life of about 2 years, they do know that many of thier customers are finding it workable for much longer (In fact we have heard of one user who has "refreshed" ten year old Milliput by warming it up in his microwave - although this is a practice we could not endorse!). We recommend that Milliput is stored in cool, dry conditions and that the polythene bags are re-sealed after use. Instructions for Milliput: It is very important when using this grade of Milliput, because the sticks are virtually the same colour, that you mix the two parts for at least five minutes.

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