Peco PL-35 Capacitor Discharge Unit (C.D.U.)

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Peco PL-35 Capacitor Discharge Unit (C.D.U.) The Pecolectrics C.D.U. (Mark 2 version). This is rated at 4400µf (micro Farads), which in layman's terms means that it has a greater storage capacity of power. For modellers this means that the burst of power released, once the switch for a device is activated, is much greater than our previous C.D.U. was able to give. A C.D.U. is also a valuable safety device. Our C.D.U. is especially useful for use in conjunction with our PL-11 Side Mounted Turnout Motor, which benefits from the extra "oomph" that a C.D.U. can give it. The new unit also aids simultaneous multiple turnout motor operation, something that was not possible before. Visibly the new units have grey terminals as opposed to the earlier orange ones, but in all other aspects this looks the same.

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