Peco PLS-100 SmartSwitch set

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Peco PLS-100 SmartSwitch set

The ‘SmartSwitch’ is a versatile servo-controlled motorising system, produced for PECO by ANE Model of Taiwan which, although primarily intended for fitting to turnouts, can be used for other applications such as motorising semaphore signals or level crossing gates, together with many other creative animations on layouts in all scales and gauges.

The system can operate up to four servo motors simultaneously, each of which can be individually programmed to set the exact start and stop positions required, together with a choice of nine operating speeds. Each servo is powerful enough to throw a Peco turnout without the need for modification, or removal of the over-centre spring. User-friendly programming allows for straightforward setting up, and its compact design makes it suitable for installation in small spaces. It can be used (standalone) with 12v DC analogue systems or fitted with a Stationary Decoder (ref.PLS-135) for digital control of the system. It is also extendable by connecting further control boards and however many servo motors that may be required.

The ‘SmartSwitch’ set (ref.PLS-100) kit contains a control board, four servos (complete with mounting brackets and connecting wires etc), four toggle switches, a programming board, four 1m extension cables, instruction manual and all fixtures and fittings required for installation.

Released in parallel with the ‘SmartSwitch’ will be the ‘SmartFrog’ (ref.PLS-130), which can be installed to automatically change the frog polarity of Electrofrog turnouts motorised with the ‘SmartSwitch’.

Also available will be a ‘Smart Switch’ board (ref.PLS-120), single servo motor (ref.PLS-125) and 1m extension cable (ref.PLS-140).

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