Ratio 593 SR/BR 12t. Box Van with Plywood Sides (M/W, B/B) Plastic Kit OO Gauge

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Ratio 593 SR/BR 12t. Box Van with Plywood Sides (M/W,B/B) Plastic Kit OO Gauge. Please note plastic kits require Paint and Glue to complete. Kit Includes - Wheels (Plastic, Wheel Bearings, Transfers And Brass Buffers. First Built In 1945, 1,500 Of These Vans Were Constructed Of Plywood Owing To Shortage Of Other Materials. Goods Traffic Formed The Backbone Of Britain's Railway Business Until The 1960's. Before Nationalisation In 1948, There Was A Common Pool Of "Company" Wagons From The Four Main Railways To Enable Through Running. Aside From These "Private Owner" Wagons Were Owned By Businesses. This Meant That Goods Trains Could Pull Wagons Belonging To Several Railways And Many Differenet Businesses. Coal Was By Far The Most Common Type Of Goods To Be Carried. It's Open Wagons Often Seen In Sidings Country-Wide. You Were Also Liekly To See Vans For Perishable Goods Like Fish And Bananas, And Regional Goods, Such As China Clay From The South West AndHops In The South East England.

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