Seep PM-10 Point Motor

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Seep PM-10 Classic Point Motor (Reversible)

Reversible fitting direct to point, or under baseboard.

Easy screw terminal connection - no soldering!

High tolerance, precision-built unit.

Positive throw action with less bounce than other motors.

Complete with mounting screws and extension pin.

OO, HO, N and O Scale compatible.

Energy efficient, low power consumption.

Great value for money.

The GMC-PM10 Classic Solenoid Point Motor has been created to work with all leading brands of track in the United Kingdom. Designed with easy installation in mind, it has a built-in reversible mounting plate (with adjustment slots and holes), robust plated metalwork frame and fibreglass circuit boards for longer life.

The PM10s magnetic coils are high-efficiency for reliable operation, needing less current than other brands. The PM10 also has easy to use solder-free screw terminals. Gaugemaster have included mounting screws and a throw-bar extension for each motor for easy, simple installation.

Fitting a motor directly to your points:

First, cut a hole in your baseboard to accommodate the motor (around 40mm x 30mm should suffice) where the motor will be clipped to the tiebar. If you are fitting the point motor to OO/HO points, you will need to remove or bend the centre tabs down before doing so. Use appropriate pliers to bend the point motor legs and once fitted, twist the tab ends to hold the motor in position. After fitting, please ensure that it is unobstructed and works in both directions in a positive manner. N Scale modellers will need to use only the centre and one pair of end tabs.

Fitting a motor to the underside of a baseboard:

First make a 10mm slot or make a 10mm paper covered template. Use the enclosed extension pin to connect your motor, cutting off the excess as appropriate. Do not forget to allow for both the thickness of your baseboard and any cork, foam or Gaugemaster Ballasted Underlay. Once you are certain that the tiebar moves freely in both directions, you can screw the motor to the underside of your baseboard with the enclosed self-tapping screws.

Applying Power:

This product requires an input of between 16 and 24v (AC or DC). Please use a 1amp supply or greater. Ideally also use a Capacitor Discharge Unit such as the GMC-CDU or similar for optimum performance.

As with all solenoid point motors, this motor is designed for use with passing contact switches such as the GM510 Miniature Toggle Switch.

(Please remember these motors only require a short burst or pulse of power. Connection to a standard On-On type switch (or a permanent connection) will lead to irreversible damage.)

Wiring your PM10 Point Motor:

The PM10 connection needs no soldering. It is made easy with the three way terminal block that is located directly on the motor. It is ideally suited for GM11 7/16 - 0.2 gauge wire. For large layouts you may wish to use 1mm2 wire.

This motor has three terminals. They are labelled A/B (coils) and C (common). With polarity not important, connection couldnt be simpler. Simply connect A and B to the Switch left/right output terminals, and C to the Switch common return or ground circuit. If you find the point motor is firing in the wrong direction then you can easily just switch the A and B terminals.

The PM-10 is DCC Compatible due to it's low power requirements (although DCC modellers may want to wait for our forthcoming Digital variant) and can be connected to any suitable accessory or point motor decoder, which will also have 3 terminals as previously described. Always be sure to refer to the manufacturer's DCC Accessory Decoder manual for the best results.