Soundtraxx 881106 Econami UK Steam 4fn 1A 16 Bit 21 Pin DCC Digital Sound Decoder

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Soundtraxx 882001 ECO-100 Econami Diesel Digital Sound 8 Pin Decoder

This 1-amp digital sound decoder simply plugs into models equipped with an NEM-supported 21-pin socket.

(These decoders do not come with speakers)


Motor Stall Current: 1A Max

Function Outputs: 6

Function Current: 100mA (each output) Max.

Audio Amplifier: 2W, 8-Ohm Load

DCC Track Voltage: 7.5V - 22V


Length: 30.5mm

Width: 15.5mm

Depth: 6.5mm

Decoder Features:

Compatible with NMRA DCC Standards & RPs

28-function support, plus directional and E-Stop functions

Flex-Map function mapping to easily assign any function to any function key

High-quality 16-bit sound

40+ sound effects in each version

Selectable exhaust chuffs or prime movers

Function-activated brake with synchronized sound effect

7-Band Equalizer

20 selectable Hyperlight effects

Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control and Switching Mode for enhanced slow-speed control

Motor-synced Dynamic Digital Exhaust (steam)

Standard, 3-point, and user-loadable speed curves

Operates on DCC and DC layouts

Steam Sound Effects:

5 Exhaust Chuffs: Light, Medium (2), and Heavy (2), (2- or 3-Cylinder, and Articulated); 16 Whistles, 5 Airpumps (including Vacuum Pump), Cylinder Cocks, Bells, 4 Dynamos, 4 Couplers with Buffers, Water Stop, Blowdown, Rod Clank, Brakes, and more!

The dual whistle select feature allows for the selection and assignment of two whistles without the use of the alternate whistle function mapping. The main whistle is defaulted to F1 and the shunt whistle is defaulted to F2. F3 will play the short file for the corresponding whistle that was played last. F9 is mapped to a “two shorts” whistle signal from the factory.

Forward, reverse, and stop whistle signals can also be mapped to a driven state. Two additional features are one long blast and two short blasts of the whistle, and these can be mapped to the driven or stopped states.

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