TrainSave TSV213 Single Period Light 6V (Pk6) OO Gauge

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Trainsave TSV213 6v Single Period Light x6 OO Gauge

The Trainsave multi pack range of lighting is an easy way to add functional scenery to layouts of all kinds. These 6v lamps can be powered by our M4 or T4 transformers. They can also be powered by our WM1 transformer using the adaptor provided with the transformer. You will need to connect these lamps in series (Daisy Chain) or as you will reduce the input voltage down to 6v rather than 12v. They can be wired up individually by using the resistors provided in the pack.

Never use these lamps on voltages higher than 12v as it will cause them to blow.

Due to the hand made nature of these lights, measurements are approximate.

Current draw 67ma per bulb.

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