Mega-Steam Smoke Oil with Frying Bacon Smell 60ml Dropper Bottle

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Mega-Steam Smoke Oil with Frying Bacon Smell in a 60ml / 2OZ Dropper Bottle Made in the USA by MegaSteam. Do You Want Plumes Of Smoke And A Scent Of Real Coal / Wood / Cooking Food Then Read On............... This Bottle Is Much Bigger Than The Tiny Hornby R8111 So Better Value It Can Be Used In Hornby / Triang Locos And Any Other Loco With A Smoke Unit Like The Seuthe / Faller Smoke Units Suitable For Any Scale Of Loco And Used Continually Will Give Smoke For Up To Four Hours (Depending On Smoke Unit Size) Or Pop A Smoke Generator With Some Of This Oil In Cafe's / Houses / Industry Buildings / Funfairs To Get The Rear Smell Of The World Outside The Model Railway. The Mega-Steam Smoke Oil Usually Takes 5-6 Filling Cycles To Clean A Used Smoke Unit To Take The Megasteam Oils Before The Scent Comes Through, A Recomendation Is To Fill The Smoke Units And Leave Overnight Before Using Them As Customers Suggest This Works The Best Way. Spice Up The Environment Of Your Layout With Our Great Selection Of 39 Different Smokin' Scents. Jt'S Mega-Steam Smoke Fluidtm, Thick, Dense Smoke Output Yet It Dissipates Quickly, Leaving Little Or No Train Room Fog Hanging In The Air. Non-Toxic. Comes In 2oz Bottles With Pin-Point End Glass Droppers For Accurate Filling Or The 8oz Refill Size. All Of Thier Smoke Fluids Are Scented Just Right, Not Too Heavy, Not Too Light (See below). Petroleum-Based Formula. Smoke Itself Is Non-Toxic, Though I Wouldn't Suggest Drinking It. Works Great With Most Smoke Units (Some Suethe Unit Users, G Gauge, And Ho Users So Far Have Reported Success Using Mega-Steam). With Their Variety Of Smoke Scents We Have Something For Everyone. There's Thier Classic Scents Like Original Cedar, Coal-Fired Steamer, Hickory Wood, Ect. There'S The Family Friendly And Christmas Scents Such As Vanilla, Christmas Pine, Candy Cane Express, Gingerbread, Maple Sugar And More. Then There's Their Specialty Scents Which Were Designed To Scent The Environment Of Your Layout. For Example, Do You Have A Layout With Lots Of Mountains And Trees. Thier Forest & Stream Or Spring Scents Were Designed For Use In A Mountain Cabin With A Smoking Chimney Or Smoking Campfire Accessory To Bring Your Trees And Mountains Alive With The Smell Of The Great Outdoors. Or How About Their Fireplace Scent In The Smoking Hobo Campfire Accessory. Do You Have A Working Logging Railroad Layout With A Sawmill Try The Lumber Mill Scent In A Smoking Accessory Weaved Into Your Mill Area. Your Sawmill Will Smell Like It's Busy Cutting Up Fresh Wood Into New Lumber. Have A Smoking Diner / Restaurant Accessory. Try One Of Thier Specially Designed Diner & Food Scents Like Frying Bacon, Baking Bread Or Coffee. All Smells Can Be Found In Our Ebay Store Or Can Be Ordered For You. Mega-Steam Tips & Tricks: Not All Of The Smoke Scents Were Designed To Be Used Only In A Locomotive. Here's Some Tips, Tricks & Suggestions For Using Our Mega-Steam Specialty Scents. Forest & Stream, Spring- Use In Smoking Chimneys, Campfire Accessories In Forested, Mountainous Areas Of Your Layout. Cut Grass- Use In Smoking Chimneys, Campfire Accessories In Suburban Or Open Country Areas Of Your Layout. Apple Harvest, Orange- Have An Orchard On Your Layout. This Would Work Perfectly. Frying Bacon, Baking Bread, Coffee - Use In Smoking Diners/ Restaurants/ Houses, Ect. Fireplace, Hickory Wood, Wood Stove- Use In Smoking Chimneys In Houses, Campfire Accessories, Wood Burning Locomotives. Lumber Mill - I Designed This Scent For An Early User Of Mega-Steam Who Has Modeled A Logging Railroad With A Custom Built Sawmill With A Built In Smoking Chimney. I Thought A Sawdust Scented Smoke Would Be Excellent. The Coal Makes The Steam Locos Smell Right And The Sawdust Makes The Mill Area Smell Right...Cool Idea. Safety Tips: The Following Goes For All Smoke Fluids, Not Just Mega-Steam. Remember These When Running The Smoke Units In Your Locos And Accessories. Have Some Kind Of Ventilation For Your Train Room. The General Rule: If You Can't See Through The Smoke In The Room, There's Too Much. Be Careful Filling Your Smoke Units As Per Their Instructions, Never Overfill. Store Smoke Fluid Bottles In Their Upright Position. Although Most Fluids Are Non-Toxic, It's Not The Best Thing To Ingest. Don't Drink It. Although The Fluid May Smell Tasty, It's Not. Don't Drink It. The Above Especially Goes For The Food & Sweet Scented Fluids. Do Not Use Smoke Units Around People Or Children With Asthma Or Other Respiritory Sensitivites. Keep Any Smoke Fluid Away From Children. (DUE TO ROYAL MAILS RULES ON FLAMMABLE AND HAZARDUS LIQUIDS WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO SEND THIS ITEM BY STANDARD POST AND IN NO WAY SEND OVERSEAS) WE CAN HOWEVER SEND THIS ITEM IN THE UK WITH OUR COURIER SERVICE.

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