Peters Spares PS27 Mainline Replacement Axle Set - J72

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Peters Spares PS27 Mainline Axle Set - J72 0-6-0 Tank Loco OO Gauge


Gear: 12.6mm (Offset Not Centre On Axle)

(This Axle set replaces older Round pinned wheels stubs not the more modern Square pinned version)

Please note when fitting the parts you need to quarter the wheels on one side at 12 o'clock and the opposite side at 3 o'clock. If this is not done accurately the loco will run poorly or bang when running on the track. We recommend a Markits 'M38 Back-To-Back 'OO' Gauge 14.5mm' to space the wheels correctly. We also recommend degreasing the axles before fitting with 'Ambersil 31588-AA Contact Cleaner FG 400ml (Loco Degreaser)' or similar plastic safe degreaser. An addition of slow setting superglue to the pin of the axle is preferred for extra strength (slow setting to allow you to quarter and test the loco before it sets solid.) We have found upon testing that some locos axles due to production differences or some that have been damaged from previous repairs and from metal fatigue need superglue as an extra helping hand to stay secure. We have also found some locos due to the metal fatigue are just not repairable. Some skill is therefore required to repair these locos and may not be a direct push fit.

These are replacements made by us in China

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