100525 DiGi-Hat DCC Conversion Brush Isolation For Old Graham Farish

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100525 DiGi-Hat DCC Conversion Brush Isolation For Old Graham Farish (Pk 1 With Two Insulators.)

The Digi Hat from DCC Supplies is used to convert Graham-Farish chassis safely to DCC in minutes!

Supplied with Kynar® heat shrink tube. Tougher than standard tubing, and half the thickness!

Q. So, the spring is a fuse?

A. No. The spring is made from 0.32mm (28awg) Beryllium copper wire, which has a capacity of 1.4 amps. Or, put another way, most 'N' gauge decoders provide 0.8 -1 amps. The current draw of an average Farish motor is 0.3 - 0.4 Amps.

Q. OK then, will heat draw the temper of the spring?

A. No. Beryllium copper is tempered at 460° C for an hour. With a loading of 1 amp the temperature increase of the spring is negligible. (see below)

Q. Does the spring get hot?

A. No. At 1amp heat generation is 0.003 W/second (per 1000m of wire!), heat dissipation is 105 W/m*k, again, well within tolerances!

Q. Will the DiGi-Hat™ melt?

A. No. The material has a melting point of 140°C.

Q. Is it true the DiGi-Hat™ absorbs water, expands, and splits?

A. No! The material used (a copolymer of Polyoxymethylene) is designed for use as a bushing material, and is specified at less than 0.5% absorption at 100% immersion. (measured by ISO 62-Sat/23C) - and after all, we're not discussing submarines here!

Q. What makes this the best solution?

A. DiGi-Hat™ is a designed and engineered solution. It uses high quality materials chosen specifically for the task, and engineered by a specialist company with over 35 years of experience, under compliance with BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000

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